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September 25, 2007

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September.Rain.Sometimes wheather is so lovely that the greatest dream is to spend one day outdoors, not in university, walking with your friends..but unfortunately. My vacations passed very quickly, but they were full of different exciting events. In August was my birthday, and now I am 18 years old))I spent this day with my relatives and my best friends, we had a great time.

Now the academic year started, and we have a lot of job to do, as our schedule is very tight, and is full of different economic studies, which are really very hard to understand.So all of my free time oocupies my preparing for classes.I think our schedule in the next term will be easier.


August-the best month=) August 1, 2007

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Summer=)Is the best what we have during all the year.I like this month because I have a Birthday.It is a petty that’s know very cold in Kiev,but I’m waiting for a good weather=)


Celebrities born on: May 22 May 22, 2007

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Naomi Campbell, Peter Nero, Steven Patrick Morrissey, Sir Laurence Olivier, Richard Benjamin, Naomi Cambell, Laurence Olivier, Paul Winfield, Susan Strasberg


Leo for today

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The negative influences affecting the moon in your sign suggest that you need some space to yourself today. You definitely need something to absorb that surplus of fire energy to stop you feeling restless and bored. Anything from dancing the night away to a grueling session in the gym will lift your mood.


Political situation in Ukraine May 10, 2007

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It is typical in Ukrainian politics, as well as in any other, to make
use of the deja vu effect. When we run out of our own ideas,
we are itching to use the successful outcomes of our predecessors.

However, the second version is never the same. This principle always
works irrespective of the sphere where it is used. This year we have
really the same situation in our political life, not as huge as during
the orange revolution but large enough strikes were held in Kyiv. This
was really a stress for people who live in Kyiv. Maryinskyi park was
totally blocked by the representatives of the party of Regions, there
people, mostly students, put their tents and have been living there for
nearly one month, some of them are still “resting” there. All of them,
as they told, were expressing their ideas, but in reality they were paid
money, more often 100-150 grivnas and also were given some food to stay
there for some time. Most of them even don’t about ideas and goals they
were striking for, it was very pity for me to watch all what was
happening. Kyiv suffered a lot, this awful traffic jams the reason for
which were strikes, it was impossible to be in the center of the city,
in some cases it was really dangerous But thanks God everything passed,
and most og them went home


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It is cold today.I’m tired.


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Andrey Danilko – creator of the stage image of Verka Serduchka. Was born on 2nd of October 1973 in

During school was studying in theater studion “Grotesk”. After graduation from school tries to enter music collage and institute, but is rejected everywhere. Goes to professional technical college, where studies profession “cashier-seller of foodstuffs”. From 1991 to 1992 works as cashier in the shop, and gives some performances. At spring 1992 demonstrates for the first time two short numbers: “Dining Room” and “Train Conductor”, official date of birth of Verka Serduchka is 8th of March 1993, when “Train conductor” portraiting ordinary Ukrainian woman working as conductor, was shown at “Humourina” festival in Poltava. Tries to enter musical college again, being rejected for two more times, thus deciding to start “performing career”, performs with his mini-theater, staging Verka Serduchka numbers and performing parodies on well-known Russian stars: Allegrova, Pugachova, Kazachenko.
In 1995 finally enters estrada-circus college, but after studying just for 2 years instead of 5 leaves it and is accepted in

Institute of
Culture.In 1997 records first songs “Prosto Vera”, “Abrikosy”. Later appear “Ya rozhdena dlya lyubvi”, “Ya vyshla na perron”, “Vaza i pion”, “Controler”, ”
Po chut-chut”, and records some music videos. He gets invitation to show of Ukrainian channel “1+1” “SV-show” where he again portraits train conductor Verka Serduchka. Since autumn 1998 the show is being broadcasted simultaneously at Russian channel “TV-6”. This show is the one that brought huge popularity to the comical artist.

Issued music albums as Verka Serduchka “Ha-ra-sho!”, “Zheniha hotyela”, “The Best. Neizdannoe”, “Tralli-valli” and also instumental album “Posle tebya” as Danilko. Took part in various musicals of Russian/Ukrainian co-production, mostly as Verka Serduchka, but in “Figaro” as Andrey Danilko. Has created solo musical “History of Verka Serduchka”.
In 2005 takes attempts to enter Eurovision from Russia and Ukraine but was disqualified in both countries: in Ukraine due to failure to appear for preview-video shootings, in
Russia because of failure to submit lyrics of the song. After that claims in one of his music videos: “I’ve decided, I’ll go to Eurovision representing
Kazakhstan, let others win too!”. In 2006 was considered candidate to represent Poland in duet with Polish analogue “Renia Paczkowska”, but Renia aka Mihal Wisnievski decides to enter contest with own band “Ich Troje”
Verka Serduchka has been confirmed as candidate for Eurovision, her team has submitted entry to the competition. We do not take this contest seriously, we just want to show ourselves and to have fun”, commented representative of the singer. It is generally considered though after selection of Danish drag act DQ chances of Verka Serduchka for positive result have been significantly lowered.